-to get where we are coming from-

Andrea Voets

Luke Deane

Andrea Voets, Luke Deane, Sarah Jeffery

Millennials (born between 1980-2000) have been much talked about as a generation. Right now, they are reaching positions of power and responsibility and the moment has come to reflect on their story so far. What shaped the way they look at the world they are about to take over? Is the image we have of them accurate? Where are they actually coming from?

In Millennial History, we revisit impactful moments in recent world-history through the eyes of millennials who witnessed events with great impact, between 1985 and 2000. In interviews with Andrea Voets, they share their memories and reflect on the far-reaching consequences of the events on their lives, their relationships and their view of the world. Because of their young age during the events, we focus on the ‘deep story’ in which emotions, atmospheres and inner logic lead the conversation.

Millennial History will appear as a podcast, a series of meet-ups and a documentary-concert with live music. The music for the podcast is generously offered by dozens of artists that have a personal connection to the events.

Our first four Millennial Histories are:

-the assassination of anti-mafia judge Falcone on Sicily (IT)
-the unification of Germany, from Eastern-German perspective (DE)
-the Troubles (IR)
-the generation of unwanted Children of the Decree of Ceausescu (RO)

All these millennials come from a culture of fear and secrecy. At a backdrop of profound change, they need to create their own tools to shape a new reality. Everyone had to learn to live with contradictions, with people that don’t agree with you. Developing your own moral compass seems to be the most important condition to not just survive, but to build a full and meaningful life in a complex reality.

The stories also offer us three focus-points that became especially relevant since the beginning of the pandemic: resilience, a reset of priorities in life and pointers to what is needed to overcome an impossible situation.

With Millennial History, we want to create a safe space for meaningful conversations on topics that are lingering on in society, because of a lack of diverse narratives, a fear of depth and openness and the tough, negative spiral of intergenerational trauma.

There is no need to wait for the help of specialists (historians, psychologists) to do so: it is up to us and the right time is right now.

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