Resonate Productions is the world's only organisation for musical journalism. We combine music and original journalism into documentary-concerts and podcasts about emotional blind spots in society. By putting these in musical context, space is made to rediscover these feelings. Andrea Voets is our artistic director.


Music is a universal force that helps to unlock, channel and express our emotions. By carefully combining honest words and confronting facts with music, we can build the connection to our deeper, inner lives that the news fails to touch.

We make our musical journalism about emotional blind spots. These are fundamental feelings that are present in many of us, but we lack the words to make sense of what we're experiencing.

After identifying a blind spot, we embark on a long road of research, conversations and creation. We bring the blind spots to the surface, analyse them and offer ways out of the problems they create: most of all in meaningful contact with ourselves and with others.

Eventually, the audience will be able to say we did not only play music for them, but also about them. In this way, musical journalism becomes a catalyst for more personal insight, more mutual understanding and better conversations: a soft but crucial power, at times when ever more brutal people are ruling the planet.

Musical journalism takes shape as documentary-concerts, podcasts, film, workshops or a mix of these forms. Every project has the possibility to appear in multiple forms and outings. We make our musical journalism at De Balie in Amsterdam, thanks to the support from several funds, all over Europe. Some examples of our projects are:

While We Live -a compass to connection-

Wings & Roots -shaping identity between cultures-

podcast Millennial history -to get where we are coming from-

XENITIA -a documentary-concert on migration-

When reason fails and policy seems powerless, it is time for a voice beyond words.